Psalms: Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear can be crippling. Sometimes it slowly builds up and explodes. Other times it seems to come out of nowhere. Swirling questions and emotions. A tailspin of negative and mostly untruthful thoughts about yourself. Hopelessness. Darkness. Anxiety and fear are pervasive forces in the world, but they aren't new. Humanity has been plagued … Continue reading Psalms: Anxiety and Fear


Exodus: Moses and Israel, Jesus and the Church

In previous blogs, we've already encountered several instances of the beautiful artistry of the Book of Exodus.  It's hopefully becoming apparent that the author of Exodus is big on hinting at where the story is going.  We're going to look at another instance of foreshadowing involving Moses and the people he will lead—Israel. The gist … Continue reading Exodus: Moses and Israel, Jesus and the Church