Hello!  My name is Warren Truesdale.  I’m married to a wonderful, selfless, and beautiful woman named Shelby.  Seriously, she’s the bomb.  It’s hard for me to move on from talking about her…but I will.  We are a part of the Dallas Bible Church family and we are so thankful for that community.  We love worshipping Christ with other brothers and sisters.  I’m currently a student at Dallas Theological Seminary pursuing a ThM (Master of Theology) with an emphasis in Bible Exposition, but that might change.  I’ve really grown (slowly and painfully) to enjoy both Biblical Greek and Hebrew.  In addition to Greek and Hebrew, I have many diverse interests: reading Scripture as narrative, the many religions of the world, and most of all, pondering the amazing beauty of the always-communicating Triune God.  When I’m not reading or hanging out with my wife I’m either watching the San Antonio Spurs (ya I know they’re the best), watching the Chicago Bears (ya I know they’re the worst), or playing golf.  I enjoy pretty much every sport on the planet, except golf (but I also love it).  Thanks for visiting the site and I hope the material helps you in some way!