3 Things Seminary Taught Me: God

God delights in diversity.

This is something I’m still learning, but something that seminary really opened my eyes to both theologically and experientially. God is diverse. Three persons yet one God. Let me be clear: the Father, Son, and Spirit are not different in substance or ontology. They are of the same essence or “stuff” if you will. Their “Godness” is the same. Yet there is diversity in relation and activity. The Son is eternally begotten of the Father, not the other way around. The Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, not the other way around. The Father sends the Son not the other way around. The Son is the person who takes on flesh. The Spirit is the person poured out on Pentecost. This means that God Himself is diverse. And since God delights in Himself—The Father delights in the Son and the Spirit and vice versa—God delights in diversity. This God has created a diverse world and called a diverse people to Himself. The Church is not supposed to be uniform, but united. Unity implies some kind of diversity. Something that is the exact same cannot be united for there is nothing to unite. Seminary has taught me the beauty and necessity of sisters and brothers who are different than me. We need each other and we need to be united to one another. God delights in that.

God the Son is eternally incarnate.

Yeah. This one is mind blowing (also mind blowing this isn’t communicated in our churches). Jesus didn’t stop being human after the resurrection and ascension. He is still human. And He is still God. The resurrected and glorified God-Man is currently in Heaven seated at the Father’s right hand. God the Son didn’t just take on humanity for ~30 years. By uniting Himself to humanity and being born of a woman, God the Son was taking on humanity for eternity. That’s how much God loves you. The humility of God is unfathomable.

God desires to dwell with humanity on earth.

This is how the Biblical Story begins and it is how it ends. From the Garden to the Garden City God desires to live with us on earth. That’s why even after Eden He doesn’t abandon ship. He pursues this desire to dwell among us. He lives among Israel in the Tabernacle. And then the Temple. And then He himself “tabernacles” among us in the person of Jesus. Then, through the Spirit of God He dwells on earth within the people of the Church. Finally, we anticipate Jesus’ return to dwell with us on earth forever.


4 thoughts on “3 Things Seminary Taught Me: God

  1. Another great post – Very inciteful! In all my limited study, I never recognized that the Humanity of Jesus didn’t end with the resurrection. I am already looking forward to your next blog post.

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  2. So Mr. Truesdale you seem to imply Revelation’s description of a new earth With cities made of pure gold, with trees of life bearing fruit, lit not by light but by God’s own glory is not ‘symbolic’ but rather a true representation of that which awaits the chosen. I never really bought into that symbolism, in that I would rather think of myself as a spiritual being traversing the cosmos delighting in the creations of an endless universe. However after reading your post I am rethinking God’s purpose to finally realize His Edenic vision for His people, a ‘garden’ of perpetual life in heirship with Christ, finally realized after the initial fall of Adam. God has never asked me for my recommendations as to His vision for eternal life, so I’m thinking revelation wins the day! Thanks for the insight.


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